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Helping people transform the act of charity into the experience of philanthropy
Sound Philanthropy helps philanthropic families and individuals find common ground for giving, enhances the giving experience, and maximizes the impact, influence, and reach of their charitable dollars through high-touch advising services. Sound Philanthropy offers a wide range of services, fully scaled to meet the unique needs of each client, including individuals, couples, multi-generation families, foreign-born clients, family offices, and wealth management, CPA and estate planning firms.
Clients receive direct access to Sarah Hopper, one-on-one attention, and a personalized process that aligns giving to core values, engages family members, and brings focus, purpose and organization to their giving plan. From youth philanthropy activities, to family dynamics, to evaluating non-profits, Sarah's in-depth knowledge of the philanthropic process will help you create an engaging experience and a vibrant giving portfolio that reflects who you are and builds a lasting legacy.
The Reality of Giving
It is easier to make money than to give it away, as noted by philanthropists ranging from Aristotle to Buffett. But it does not have to be this way. With a personalized approach and strategy, philanthropy is a rewarding and enriching experience that strengthens families and communities.
Sarah Hopper founded Sound Philanthropy to help clients experience the joy of philanthropy through a fun and inspiring journey. Her work is based on the philosophy that philanthropy is an opportunity to:
  • Make a difference in something that matters to you
  • Pass on values to younger generations
  • Foster gratitude and empathy in your family
  • Create your community legacy
  • Ensure your family legacy
"Sarah Hopper has been a key player in the success of our philanthropy as it has developed through the years. We have relied on her sage advice at significant decision points. Sarah is a valued educator and mentor to our next generation of engaged philanthropists. We love working with her!"
-Kate Janeway, Board Member, Grousemont Foundation
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