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Client Work
An Individual's Giving Plan:
Introducing a high net worth individual into the world of philanthropy
A life event changed everything for Morgan, a young business woman living in L.A. Her new net worth allowed her to quit her job and devote a significant portion of her time to giving. She was new to the world of philanthropy - but excited and enthusiastic about her newfound capacity to give. She needed to organize her thoughts, focus her goals, and learn about potential grantees. She sought an introduction to the process of philanthropic giving and an understanding of the early planning work necessary to be successful in both grantmaking and personal satisfaction. Click here for the full version.
Duim Family Foundation:
Learning to recognize and leverage family talent
The Duim Family Foundation focuses its giving on improving the lives of women and children locally and internationally, but until recently only the first generation (G1) handled grantmaking. G2 and G3 felt generally uninspired, uninformed, and overwhelmed by a process that lacked clear vision and a succession plan. The group needed to decide whether the foundation should sustain, how to start to transition leadership to G2, and how to engage everyone in a fun and inspiring process. Click here for the full version.
Craig and Sarah:
A couple streamlines their giving and prepares to involve their children
Several years ago Craig and Sarah sold their company and have since become significant philanthropists. With solid giving experience under their belts, they approached Sarah Hopper for ways to streamline and be more efficient. TThey were looking to make their process more efficient and sought guidance about how to approach their three children (all in their twenties) about getting involved. Ultimately, they wanted to feel more connected to their giving without having to commit more time. Click here for the full version.
Third Generation Gets Involved:
The Grousemont G3 Committee makes its first grant
All third-generation (G3) members of a local philanthropic and business-leading family, ranging in age from 14-32, were invited to participate in the family foundation by giving away $10,000 as a group. The Foundation Board (G2 members) wanted the group to experience every phase of grantmaking while working as a team and having an opportunity to bond as siblings and cousins. Click here for the full version.
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