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Sarah occasionally writes and distributes articles about important issues that influence families and giving. Please enjoy her reflections and insights by clicking on the Read More links below.
  • December 2014: Stories of Young Philanthropists
    The other day my son, Nicolas, came to me with his ideas for the Share money that he has set aside. Nicolas divides his allowance into Spend, Save...
  • November 2013: The Real Art of Leadership
    I recently heard a quote from Jim Morris, producer of WALL-E and General Manager of Pixar Animation: "The real art of leadership is..."
  • February 2013: The Spirit of the Gift and How to Communicate it
    You may have heard of the recently released study, More is More or More is Less, that shows that kids whose parents...
  • November 2012: The Legacy We Leave is the Life We Lead
    At a conference that I attended over the summer, Peter Karoff, Founder and Chairman of The Philanthropic Institute ...
  • June 2012: What Will People Say About You When You’re Gone?
    I want to share a story with you. Early this year, a dear family friend, Brantley, passed away at the wonderful...
First Step
We recognize that many people are looking to dip their toes in philanthropy, but aren't sure where to start. To help launch this process, and answer those early questions, Sound Philanthropy has developed a series of simple guides.
Click on the sentence that best describes your goals to download a guide with ideas to get you started, complete with resources, questions, and next steps. These workbooks are free and copyrighted by Sound Philanthropy. Please feel free to share them with others. We hope that you will find them helpful.
Sarah Hopper has compiled reading lists for philanthropic families with the following goals:
Please scroll through the books below to see the titles of the books and resources recommended by Sarah Hopper on the reading lists. For your convenience, each book image links to a retailer for easy purchase.
Understanding giving patterns with next generation donors.
Sarah Hopper on emerging trends and patterns.
Sarah Hopper on how philanthropy can help bring joy and fulfilment to multi-generation families of wealth.
The organizations listed here are trusted sources that offer quality information about giving.
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This first-of-its-kind research examines the next generation of major donors and studies this crucial group directly. The websites features a full report as well as surveys, interviews and podcasts.
Written by Dr. Christine Carter, sociologist and happiness expert at the UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, this blog compiles mostly science-based parenting advice about raising happy children with intention, mindfulness and gratitude.
"This program was an excellent entree into the world of philanthropy, and provided us with tools and experience to work together as a team of siblings and cousins. Not only was it a lot of fun, but we developed a deeper sense of purpose, cohesion and hunger to learn more. Sarah did an outstanding job organizing, focusing, educating and inspiring us. We couldn't have done it without her."
-Kyle, Co-Chair, Grousemont G3 Committee
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